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Hey Hey Hey. Where is the person who used to throw words in this white space? And what happened to her blog? Dearies-it's been a while. Life, man, life. I started typing in this space when we brought our blue eyed kid home from the hospital-having no idea what Life After the NICU would look like. I filled up the blog with antics, pontifications on rookie parenting and lots of stories and ... View the Post

Heart Talk

It is well-er with my soul.

I don’t write in this space as often as I once did. Life, man, life. But today, I have the flu! Wait-that didn’t transition as well as I thought it would. For real though, things are looking up- I just popped my 3rd Tamiflu and I’ve got some time to catch up in this space. […]

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Hucks Kitchen

Yes, Tucker. There is a Santa. He lives at the race track.

It’s our first winter season out of isolation. And it’s kicking us in the teeth. Between the three of us, we’ve been sick since Halloween and it’s been rough on the littlest Hucks. We were vigilant the first 2 isolation seasons with the hand sanitizer, Clorox wipedowns and protecting the bubble. It was super hard, […]

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Surprise Me

Always Buy a Dozen

“It’ll be no big deal.”, she said. “Just a few hours, he’ll be fine.”, she said. “What could go wrong?”, she said. She=Me. He=Tucker. And I am here to tell you, wrong=almost everything. The scene: My office after a therapy appointment. I needed to get just a few things done at the office, and his […]

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